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Contract Management Crisis Preparedness

Legal Contingency Planning for COVID-19 & Other Crises

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The legal industry can benefit immensely from contingency planning and crisis preparedness today. Whether they are now working from home (WFH) in the U.K., mainland Europe, or the U.S., legal teams need to think deeply about their contract management processes. This is especially true if contracts and related documents aren’t at your teams’ fingertips.

What is certain is that those that have already planned ahead – when it comes to contract management systems (CMS) – are likely to emerge from this event in a stronger position than ever before and be ready for the next shock. As for the 62 percent of house legal teams currently lacking such a solution, the coronavirus crisis will be challenging, indeed.

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  • Staying on top of service level agreements; liabilities and indemnities; delayed or liquidated damages; and termination provisions, etc.
  • ‘Standing at the ready,’ having even more control of – and insights into – contracts
  • Cloud-based, end-to-end CMS solutions, like AI-based contract lifecycle management (CLM) systems that are deployed out of the box – in a matter of two to five weeks
  • Contract onboarding; a full contract repository; smart summaries; contract automation; AI analytics; an integrations ecosystem; and revision and review workflows
  • Proper vendor selection

ContractPodAi is the world’s most advanced AI-based contract management system, helping you drive a more efficient contract management process. As a full end-to-end system, it reads, interprets, and reports on contract information, manages full contract workflow and approvals, and automatically create alerts.

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