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The Evolution of Intellectual Property Business Management (IPBM)
IPBM presents a unique set of opportunities to increase value to the enterprise through better innovation and risk management.
Like other legal operations functions, today’s Intellectual Property Business Management (IPBM) model focuses on business impact. The IPBM model has shifted away from managing IP with a purely legal or asset-based perspective to a focus on the impact of an organization’s IP portfolio on the business, and vice versa.

In essence, IPBM is shifting from an IP prosecution-based lifecycle to a business-integrated lifecycle. The overarching objective of IPBM is the support of core business operations, revenue generation, and corporate value with a robust data-driven decision-making program.

Leveraging recent benchmarking data and our experience driving maturity in IP portfolio management, we share best practices in modern IPBM models and some practical advice about how to advance in IP management.

The Evolution of Intellectual Property Business Management (IPBM)

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