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Have you heard the term 'big data', but don’t really know what it means? Did you know that it can help you score big wins for your clients?

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The legal profession, is quickly entering its data-driven phase. With the advent of litigation analytics, attorneys can finally quantify the prospects of success or the scope of risk for almost every option during the course of case.

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Lex Machina

Lex Machina provides Legal Analytics to companies and law firms, enabling them to craft successful strategies, win cases, and close business. Legal Analytics® combines data and software to provide the winning edge in the highly competitive business and practice of law. Our unique Lexpressions engine creates data sets never before available about judges, lawyers, parties, and the subjects of lawsuits, out of millions of pages of litigation information. With this data, for the first time, lawyers can predict the behaviors and outcomes that different legal strategies will produce.