Complimentary Guide:

Collecting & Preserving Online Evidence at a Moment's Notice

The ultimate guide to collecting and preserving your corporate website, social media, mobile text, and collaboration app content.

Gain Access

Instead of juggling countless tools, legal teams need is a unified solution that provides total visibility over relevant data sources, as well as a single dashboard-view for the collection and assessment of evidence.

Download our guide to learn how legal teams can:

  • Quickly and effectively collect and preserve online data for litigation
  • Automate much of the collection process to reduce manual work
  • Replace multiple capture tools with a single solution
  • Search and view all relevant evidence through a single dashboard
  • Place online data on legal hold with the click of a button
Pagefreezer Software Inc.

Pagefreezer helps organizations permanently preserve website, social media, SMS, and corporate chat content in evidentiary quality, then access those archives and replay them as if they’re still live.