Axiom is where legal teams go to find the right talent for everything from routine in-house tasks to complex outside counsel work. Too many legal departments are stuck in a forced compromise. They need extra help, but if they hire an in-house generalist, they won’t get specialized expertise. If they go to a law firm, they’ll pay law firm rates and sacrifice the in-house understanding. And if they go the low-cost agency route, they won’t get the caliber of talent they need. Axiom shares and meets the higher standards of its clients with our “work smarter, adapt faster, go further” approach – connecting growing mid-market and Fortune 500 companies with the world’s deepest bench of experienced legal talent. With a net promoter score of 58, 99% of clients recommend us, and four out of five rate our lawyers as equal to or better than lawyers from a law firm. Axiom. Higher standards welcome.

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