Complimentary Report

Contract Management Usages and Practices: 2020 Research Report

Get your legal team on the path to a legal digital transformation. Download your copy of this educational research report today!

In a world of increasing uncertainty and fragility, legal needs to constantly improve its adaptability as much as its capabilities. That means that general counsels (GCs) and legal teams need to equip themselves with cutting-edge technologies.

ContractPodAi recently conducted a study to examine the usages and practices of legal departments, when it comes to their day-to-day contract management. Our research involved interviews with corporate lawyers who manage contracts across North America.

Download our research report to learn more about:

  • The biggest contracting challenges facing corporate legal departments today
  • The legal industry’s current lack of automation and AI technology
  • The benefits of AI-based contract management software
  • The key features of contract lifecycle management systems