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The 10 Pitfalls of Contracting
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In 2014, IACCM (now World Commerce & Contracting) estimated that organizations were losing an average 9.2% of the anticipated value from their contracts. It published a report highlighting ‘The 10 Pitfalls’ – the top factors that underlie contract value erosion.

Today, the latest inputs suggest that, if anything, the situation has become worse. Market volatility, geopolitical uncertainty, regulatory requirements are among a myriad of factors that have made the process of contracting even more complicated and its results more unpredictable. This important guide will allow you to gain an in-depth understanding of the 10 pitfalls often encountered during contracting and how to best avoid them.

Topics covered in this guide:

  • The 10 pitfalls
  • Contract value erosion: the story so far
  • AI and contracts: is it really happening?
  • How AI is helping overcome the 10 pitfalls
  • Plus more!
The 10 Pitfalls of Contracting
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