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Rise Above Redlines: A Buyer’s Guide to AI for Pre-Signature Contract Review
Friday, February 16, 2024 LegalOn Technologies, Inc. The right tools and technology can help you break the contract bottleneck. See how AI can help free up critical time and resources.
Research / Report
The General Counsel Report 2024: Part One
Tuesday, December 12, 2023 FTI Consulting The General Counsel Report 2024 examines the challenges that corporate legal departments encounter due to the evolving digital risk environment. With an increasing focus on data-driven regulations, privacy obligations, disruptive technologies like AI, rapid advancements in technology, and a wide array of emerging data sources, legal departments are confronted with new complexities when it comes to allocating resources and setting priorities.
White Paper
Advanced Technology + Human Intelligence
Tuesday, December 5, 2023 Wolters Kluwer ELM Solutions Learn how using AI in legal bill review can increase billing compliance, leading to better efficiency and cost management for large legal departments.
The Four Most Common CLM Implementation Mistakes
Friday, September 15, 2023 ContractPodAi Identify and address the four most common mistakes that organizations encounter during CLM implementation
White Paper
The State of Blockchain Technology and Digital Assets in Financial Services
Monday, February 14, 2022 FTI Consulting Download this survey to learn about the many ways in which blockchain and cryptocurrency are impacting the financial services industry, and what stakeholders view as the most pertinent trends.
The 10 Pitfalls of Contracting
Wednesday, January 12, 2022 ContractPodAi Learn the 10 top factors that underlie contract value erosion - and how to avoid them!
On-Demand Webinar
Automating Your Contracts: The 3 Critical Steps to an Effective Workflow
Tuesday, October 19, 2021 ContractPodAi Learn the three crucial steps to building more efficient workflows — and getting contract management right.
Modern Attorney's Guide to Legal Automation and AI
Friday, September 17, 2021 ContractPodAi Download your copy of this practical guide to helping busy lawyers chart the right course for adopting and applying artificial intelligence (AI).
Research / Report
Contract Management Usages and Practices: 2020 Research Report
Monday, November 9, 2020 ContractPodAi Get your legal team on the path to a legal digital transformation. Download your copy of this educational research report today!
White Paper
Artificial Intelligence 101: Introducing AI into Contract Management
Wednesday, August 12, 2020 CobbleStone Software Download the white paper and learn how to leverage AI-powered contract management software.
White Paper
Contract Management Primer
Thursday, March 5, 2020 ContractPodAi A comprehensive guide to defining and solving contract management needs in 2020
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